School Mission & Vision



To impart a student- centric learning environment, to develop leadership qualities, self discipline & self confidence through unique approach to achieve students excellence in academics,  co-curricular activities and sports. We accomplish it through-

  • Employing a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students.
  • Desisting from using negative comments on the learner’s performance.
  • Encouraging learning through employment of a variety of teaching aids and techniques.

Recognizing and encouraging specific abilities of students, who do not excel in academics but perform well in other co-curricular areas.



            To create naturalistic and holistic development of students that empowers & inspires in leveraging the best traditional and contemporary practices in academics, sports and activities. We attain it through-

  • Providing education through experience and enrichment.
  • Identifying learning progress of students at regular time intervals on small portions of content.
  • Involving learners actively in the learning process.
  • Providing environment to discern knowledge to attain and retain wisdom and character activating pupil - cantered teaching learning process through creativity.

Pedagogy in the school is based on multiple intelligence and in corporate “learning by doing” methodology. The aid of numerous activities in taken in dealing with any topic, which maximizes the interest, skills and enjoyment of the students.